Steve Bass has a funny post out highlighting the response you get if you put the term Blockbuster Video into the web search engine Ms. Dewey. The engine gives smart alec video responses based upon the terms you type in and Blockbuster Video is no exception. It also uses a lot of generic responses for search terms it doesn’t know, but there are plenty of keywords that trigger unique responses. The whole thing is a little too gimmicky for me to use as a fulltime search engine, but it’s entertaining nonetheless and reminds me a lot of the Stewie Live website, in the way that certain easter egg responses are coded into the keywords. (try typing in Ray Gun for a good example :))

If you ask Ms. Dewey about Blockbuster video, at one point she must have been burned by late fees because she makes it pretty clear that she’s no fan. Her response is hilarious and is heavily bleeped out, so watch out because it’s not safe for work unless you want everyone in your office thinking that you’re watching Matt Damon on the Jimmy Kimmel show.