Shark AttackThis week’s winner of the site of the week contest is the television graveyard known as Jump The Shark. The site is dedicated to uncovering television shows that are currently (or have been previously) locked into the downward spiral of mediocrity. It’s name came from an episode of Happy Days, where the Fonz tried to jump over a shark with his motorcycle. In retrospect, this was the point where Happy Days lost it’s hip cool factor and started it slide into second rate TV. The site can be pretty brutal and it’s no fun seeing some of my favorite shows getting skewered, but it also offers some pretty entertaining commentary on pop culture and there are a lot of shows that do deserve to be on their list.

Some of my more favorite features on the site include, the ability to vote for the worst television show ever, a list of TV characters that have been played by more then one actor, and it’s list of shows that never ended up jumping the shark. Jon Hein, who runs the site for TV Guide, also has a blog that he updates semi-regularly.

Congratulations to Jump the Shark on winning with this week’s site of the week contest. You can see the nominations for next week’s site of the week below and can vote in the sidebar. If you have any sites that you’d like to nominate for site of the week, feel free to email them to me at Davis < @> DavisFreeberg Dot Com.

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