Read this doc on Scribd: Riches Vs. HDTV & TiVo

On the same day that TiVo was celebrating another legal win over Dish, they also learned of new lawsuit against them. Jonathan Riches has sued TiVo and some mysterious entity know as “HDTV” over the lack of HD TiVo in his jail cell. TiVo may end up needing to take Dish all the way to the Supreme Court to win their feud, but don’t bet on Riches suit getting quite as far. He’s already sued TiVo once before and had the case quickly dismissed. In fact over the last year, Riches has seen over 1,000 of his bogus lawsuits thrown out of court. I can understand how the losing access to TiVo’s sweet HDTV goodness might be uncomfortable, but I’m not convinced that it rises to the level of unconstitutionality.

What do you think is life without TiVo cruel and unusual punishment? (for dramatic effect)