Grand Lake Theater of Dreams

Last month Blog Cabins started a pretty cool meme where he lists his favorite movies A – Z. Since I’ve been slacking off on my posts for the last few months, I wanted to go back and share my own list with you. I’ve included some of my favorite TV series on the list as well, since I actually enjoy TV shows even more than movies. For most of the letters, there were clear winners for me, but on a couple of them it was pretty hard to choose. If you haven’t made your own list, it’s a lot of fun to try and put it together, especially if you happen to be a moviehound.

A – Alias
B – Blade Runner
C – The Cable Guy
D – Dawn of the Dead
E – Election
F – Family Guy
G – Glengarry Glen Ross
H – Heat
I – Interview With The Vampire
J – Jericho
K – Kingpin
L – L.A. Story
M – Memento
N – News Radio
O – Old School
P – Planet Of The Apes
Q – Quantum Leap
R – Reservoir Dogs
S – Survivor
T – True Romance
U – The Usual Suspects
V – Very Bad Things
W – Wall St.
X – X-Files
Y – Young Guns
Z – Zero Effect