Netflix may have one of the best movie recommendation engines out there, but from time to time, their suggestions do get thrown off the track. I’m not sure whether this is proof that Skynet Netflix still has a long ways to go before it becomes self aware or evidence that their algorithms are so good, that they can spot connections, even when they appear ridiculous to us mere humans. Either way though, the results can be hilarious! After pouring through 100′s of nominations, I’ve put together a top 10 list of some of their more wonky suggestions.

#10 – Make Love Not War

One would think that Ken Burn’s award winning documentary on WWII would appeal more to those who are further from the cradle than the grave, but apparently senior citizens enjoy Angelina Ballerina and Barney too! (h/t – Plamere)

#9 – Who Said Kids Find Documentaries Boring?

This may be a case where it would be more helpful for Netflix to suggest something the kids might like a little bit less

#8 – Beneath the tough rapper exterior lies the heart of a romantic

It may not be all that exciting of an ice cream flavor, but romantic musical fans will melt for vanilla

#7 – Who Knew Mrs. Doubtfire was so angry inside?

Robin Williams’ dressed in drag was pretty painful to watch, but not chop up and eat people bad.

#6 – One Of Netflix’s Darker Comedies

Yup, that’s right, after you watch Reno 911, even Auschwitz will seem funny by comparison

#5 – Beware the Penguins?

Oh sure they look all cute and adorable, but not if you’re the fish. Something tells me that Netflix may have outsourced this movie category to Charlie Tuna.

#4 – The Scariest Movie on Netflix

Mallcop may have been bad, but it’s a pretty low blow to call it a horror movie

#3 – I’m pretty sure that most pregnant women aren’t that flexible

Is your significant other all of a sudden obsessed with Cirque Du Soleil? You may want to think about taking a pregnancy test h/t – Tgidenver

#2 – Netflix Suggests That It May Be Time To Consider Therapy

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one from a dysfunctional family. For those looking to deal with your Father/Daughter issues, Netflix recommends, the Call Girl or the steamy erotic thriller, Lie with me.

#1 – A Friendly Reminder From Netflix That You May Not Be Ready For Kids Just Yet

Don’t be fooled by the photo of the cute baby on the cover of the movie, It’s Alive probably isn’t something you’ll want to watch if you’re expecting

Still haven’t had enough? Here are a few more that didn’t make the top ten list;

Want to learn whether or not your new date has apartment full of cats back at home? Find out her thoughts on King Lear, Looking for Swamp People? Try the Kardashians, Did you enjoy the Last of the Mohicans? Well Netflix is pretty confident that you’ll enjoy The Last of the Mohicans, Netflix outs Top Gear driving enthusiasts for being closet Jane Eyre fans, Do you enjoy Louis C.K.’s edgy sense of comedy? Well you may want to think about going back to school because Netflix sees advanced Physics in your future, Frankly, the talking lobster already freaks me out, but Netflix thinks people who enjoy movies about LSD, will really like the Little Mermaid too, When I think of classical movies, Black Snake Moan isn’t the first thing that pops into my mind, If you ask them, GI Joe fans will deny it, but apparently they have a soft spot for furry little Sharpays, Family Guy fans take note, you may be a freakin’ genius, Freaks and Geeks are always welcome in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.